Jogroup is the parent company of W10, and for more than 20 years they have been designing, developing and manufacturing bespoke products for major retailers across the world. Their passion comes from design led creations and innovative products, and they are forever coming up with new ideas and developments. Sometime in 2015, Tracy the Creative Director, whom by the by wanted to build drive through coffee shops, 30 years ago, said the coffee market is missing a proper quality collapsible travel mug for the on the go commuter. People want to drink nice coffee on their commute and they do not want to be part of the waste mountains created by disposable cups, they do not want the coffee taste to be compromised and they want to put their cup in their pocket after they have finished drinking.

During the development stages we were encouraged to not create this cup, as the engineers thought we were mad saying it simply would not work, the machinery does not exist to produce it, it’s too costly and many other things that are not repeatable. After much perseverance the working prototype was ready, this was 2015.Now what to do with the amazing invention, that they saw revolutionising the on the go travel mug market? The answer; create a range of stylish, competitively priced, re-usable drinkware – with a touch of elegance. It must be a drinkware range packed with innovation and product that has every day use. So this is how W10 was created…

Now coming up with the name. They knew the brand had to be international, so they needed a name that could be easily translated & recognised in every language. W10 is a postcode in a very chic & trendy area in West London “Notting Hill” also the area our Creative Director was born in. Notting Hill was made famous by the film, staring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, you know the one you watch every Christmas on the TV. Every product in the collection is individually named after a street name within W10. For example the hero original Collapsible cup is called ‘Portobello’ which is actually a long street in W10, famous for it’s antique, small boutique, furniture, coffee & bookshops, as well as a famous street trading market.

W10 is a range of stylish, competitively priced and re-usable drinkware – but with a twist! It is drinkware packed with innovation that you will want to own and includes both desk cups and travel cups. It’s taken 4 years from inception to production, and 18 months of engineering to perfect; we are proud to introduce the World’s First Stainless Steel Double Walled Collapsible Cup (Patent Pending 1815385.8). W10 have plans to create original, unique and innovative products as well as improving existing every day drinkware. The improvements will take many forms; whether that be making drinkware contemporary, technologically innovative or just making a product that you want to own.