BonnyCo is a Cypriot company that selects and distributes exclusive hi-tech and lifestyle accessories for fashion, design, and technology stores in Cyprus and Greece, according to all of the guidelines set by the represented brands.

Our goal

Our goal is to establish ourselves as an intermediary between brands and retails, providing the best selection of products to each point of sale and put every brand in the channel that reflects its identity at best.


BonnyCo has more than 20 years of experience in importing, distributing and marketing products, to increase the popularity of the brands and to reach the highest sales results in the Cypriot Market. Recently with collaboration with a well-respected company with offices and a distribution network in Greece we have expanded our business into the Greek market.

We do believe that retail continues to grow, and there’s no reason to expect that this will change anytime soon. Any company that wants to be successful, to earn customer loyalty and build customer experiences that beat out the competition should invest in retail customer service. Operating in retail with our own shops, in malls and high streets for more than 30 years, we try our best to deliver a great customer experience and we love to hear how well we’ve done. However, we understand that sometimes things go wrong and we want to hear about that too, so we can make things right.

Our business begins with a passion for our brands and a deep understanding of our customers, for who we operate as a reliable link between the brand and the retailers. At BonnyCo, we truly understand the personal approach required to enable each to grow and prosper. We respect the needs of each supplier and use our intimate market knowledge to ensure the individual success of each brand we represent.

To ensure we maintain the right image for our brands, we apply strict criteria when selecting stores to supply. The stores have to be well located, financially sound and demonstrate their loyalty to the brands they sell.

Our mission

The mission of BonnyCo is to connect the manufacturers with the right distribution channels, for providing authentic, certified and properly positioned brand products to the consumers.

Why Choose Us?

The availability of products

We partner only with the official manufacturers of brand products, to ensure the availability of authentic and certified products for competitive prices in the Greek and Cypriot Markets.

A proactive team

We actively follow new trends to introduce more and more new products and brands.


We are a customer-oriented company with a high regard for flexibility in the relationships with our customers, which allows us to find the most appropriate and most convenient solutions for every situation.

Marketing activities

To improve the success of the products in the market, we use only the most appropriate marketing instruments and channels, when planning the marketing activities for each of the brands.


We understand that time is very valuable in the modern world of business, therefore, we always react fast.

Win-win partnership

Building mutually beneficial partnerships is the key to success. We conduct our business in a way that lets you and your business always benefit from the partnership with us.